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Order 2 Cash

Managing Accounts Receivable, ORDER 2 CASH, encompasses from qualifying prospects and Clients (Risk) to the perfect collection of invoices.

Managing the different processes of Accounts Receivable is a powerful tool for any company wishing to develop its business, reduce its costs and optimize its liquidity position.

DSOgroup offers a set of management solutions for:


Collections: Ensuring up-to-date accounting, with proper allocation of payments.


Preventing payment risks by analyzing risks and preventive business follow-ups.


Guiding Client management. Guidance tools tailored to each model case.


Grading and processing disputes in the shortest time possible.


Quickly and efficiently managing delays in payment


Processing disputed cases

News | 26/03/2015

By joining DSO Group, DSOgroup has contributed to create a French leader in the field of ORDER 2 CASH offers.

With DSO Group, DSOgroup will continue evolving by taking advantage of the group's innovative technologies, which will enable it to further optimize the management of Accounts Receivable processes, as well as DSO Group's competencies and capacities in the field of litigious processing. Thus, DSOgroup encompasses the entire Accounts Receivable cycle, ORDER 2 CASH, up to completing credit collection.

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